Dr. Nathan Rosenblum, Ph.d.

Dr. Nathan ROsenblum, Ph.d. Metaphysical Philosophy

Dr. Nathan Rosenblum has a Ph.d. in Metaphysical Philosophy, is an ordained interfaith minister, a Ceremonial Magician, and a Theosophist. He lives in Upstate New York where he regularly lectures and teaches courses on a wide variety of esoteric topics.
A longtime student of mysticism and the occult, Dr. Rosenblum integrates a wide variety of spiritual concepts and information into his programs covering cultures and religious movements throughout the world as well as information relating to hidden influences in society. He is also an author of both fiction and non-fiction pieces and a poet. The emphasis of his work is to demonstrate the interconnections between ideas and show how these can form a synthesis, spiritually uniting people.
Feel free to contact Dr. Rosenblum if you have any questions or would be interested in his giving a lecture or teaching a class for your group. (www.theserpentrises.com)

Tachyon Energy/Stargate-Pegasus

Proof that what we do is real is based on the perceivers of feeling, ideas, and perceptions that have to have a 2 based on 1 =3

One has to participate with another as in the double split experiment.
Over time a particular distinguishable sequence of a persons genome may superimpose on anothers.

We then have to have a humint for the experiment to prove that the time in this way of 3D linear time must match with the cyclical view overhead as in the point of origin to become a reality based on light.

We can then understand how the particle and wave theory is defined based only upon the viewer or watcher or perceiver.

Learning the proper vibrations as we communicate in a language we can understand is a large part of learning how to communicate with another. THis is a large part of the experiment superimposed on all of us as a critical mass mind.

In order to get an idea along with feelings to create memory or rememory which we at present time in the Ascension Age define as “Stacked Theory” at present for lack of better words and understanding of how the various universes work together.

At present, I have learned about stacking 7 as in parallel universes. I personally am approaching the life cycle of 50/50% decay in this epidermis as in a body-mind-spirit frequency I am projecting as a humanoid sentient intelligent being.

Prior years I have shared a portion of this reality in wikipedia only to have it taken down.

We begin with 7 at this point in time.
We can relate the seven (7) levels or slots in relation to the double split experiment interacting with the double slit experiment times infinity or infinity squared.
This was the experiment which I was a part of and left my deep research behin due to wars on earth in 1993 however, I did make some paintings that could make a path to clues for myself.
These were to bring light in colors to my own awareness at a later date.

For now: We can make a correlation of words that will not make sense to those who think in a linear or chronological way.

Chronological versus cyclical has been part of the problem for humanoid sentient intelligent beings on earth. They are similar but not the same. Much like the double slit experiment allows us room in our minds to add the “WHAT IF” factor.

SO what if I am right in the way I design my existence as essence while I learn in a way we call consciousness to define what or who I am while here in a biological form?

Music, Colors, Numbers, Space, Time are all words that we use to communicate a language for communication purposes. Now we add letters we can see as a form of writing. Communication is the key to all species in the universe for validating one does exist.

We now have a way to travel through the chaos and we seek order in the masses. Therefore we are constantly searching for that which groups us together so that we are not alone in the universal order.

How to think like a particle or wave depends on the conscious effort one has to conglomerate and commissurate.

We think now as these ways:

Note A =beta waves = universe
Note B =alpha waves = multiverse
Note C = theta waves = metaverse
The two combine in the double slit experiment to combine into the third or metaverse.

Note D = delta waves = xenoverse
One must define the backdrop of the unknown or dark matter with anti-matter in order to understand gravity which at this time is unknown in this level of thought or in the xenoverse as in gaming which we use to experiment with and to entertain ourselves.

Note E =gamma waves = omniverse = the 5th – fifth realm or dimension
this is at present as far on the scale as science and Cosmology has allowed us as a critical mass mind.

Note F = Alphaverse – the oracle of life from a masculine or negative point of view. This is allowed in the linear time frame over periods of thousands and millions of years based on the language or definition of time we communicate with as in carbon dating with lead.

Note G = Omegaverse – the oracle of the all encompassning macrocosm and as far as our sound waves in light waves can travel before being lost or out of reach of our consciousness definition.

We presently can take the 7 that has defined here in all ways incuding combinations of communications in theology, cosmology and phenomenology.

We desire to obtain the understanding for all dimensions in which we now allow up to the twelve (12) and then we define our own (1) to interact as the 13. or 1 + 3 = 4 in numerology.

For those who are equal to sharing in the total overall sequencing of events in all planes, related realms, and dimensions, we will need better ways to define tachyon energy.

The fact that we know faster than the speed of light exist is at present an ET conversation that can only be understood by combining all levels of realities into one place using the double split experiment with those who are allowed to connect the dots.

Whether the ET or Government factions plan together into the future depends on all of us. We must learn that all “BLOOD PLASMA” is in all of us no matter what the container.

This is not based only on scientific languages but the history of all our forms of communication from those who from the heavens came and will come again. Many of us already know that we are a part of a larger expanse.

It is one of my goals to share in the ushering in of the new age which we are told from those above who communicate with us in conscious form to make a bench mark in time for the critical mass mind in history to leave behind.

This was a linear date we all agreed upon on 10-10-10 in an alliance and counsel meeting where only certain beings were allowed to attenc in what we may regard as a space-time continuum and a place in space we refer to as the Stargate. This portal of ascension is now to be called the “Portal of Ascension” as we make history.

This was a type class communication.
V colony in space added two levels as we went from fifth dimension thinking to add a 6th and 7th.

Learning to write in English the thoughts that are not of this world is a task combined with knowing that death and dying is a part of our own willingness to learn.

Learning about the universal order and that which we calmingly refer to as order in chaos is not only a philosophy of earth in science and life sciences on earth but in spacial relation to all as in those who share immortality of consciousness.

Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris ET Radio Host
ACO Club Founder
By Theresa J Morris and
Thomas R Morris


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Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris ET Radio Host
ACO Club Founder
By Theresa J Morris and
Thomas R Morris

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Theresa J Morris on TJ Morris ET Radio

Published on Nov 9, 2016
Theresa was Taken on many occasions by extra-terrestrials. Her story has been told as : “Taken”the age of 4 and left in a field down from her home in 1955. She was continually visited by these “ET” people who look like us and also went to White Sands, New Mexico where she was taken aboard a ship. Her space family looks like humans. Her experiences with aliens include Humanoids of white, pink, and pale blue along with the short greys. Her life is about “Ascension Age” and comparing her story with others. She began a spiritual quest to find others who had similar stories. TJ – Her life leads to several types of experiences with extra-terrestrials. Theresa is a Writer and Speaker and shares her Club as ACO. If interested contact TJMorrisAgency@gmail.com. Earth Human Behavior is her specialty and interest into the paranormal phenomenology and eschatology. TJ is founder of Ascension Age, and ACO Cosmos Starcrossed Alien Contact Support Group
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