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Happy Holidays! TJ Morris ET

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Happy Holidays!

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I hope this little article will bring some joy to your soul!

Love and Light


Theresa J Morris known as TJ Morris ET Contactee is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Author, and Ascension Universal Life Minister. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris became the ET Spirit Guide and has written hundreds of articles and books on cosmology, and the book on How to Social Network Metaphysics. TJ is the founder of the original Ascension Center Energetics and has been doing readings since 1978. TJ became a Private and Legal Investigator, and has prior military experience. TJ has been online officially with her own company since 2004. TJ began the Ascension Center Psychic Network in Hawaii and now lives in Kentucky. TJ now does Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings to assist others. TJ has had 2 near death experiences one in 1958 and one in 1974. TJ had an epiphany life changing event 10-10-10 and received direct revelation information on numerous occasions from ET beings and transmissions. TJ’s memories of past lives assist her in knowing of UFOlogy in this lifetime along with Cosmology. TJ shares her life using her own ET spirit journey experiences with her talent and skills as an intuitive ET Spirit Guide Tarot Reader.

Theresa J Morris for ACO – Theresa J Morris Radio Host

Theresa J Morris aka TJ Thurmond Morris is the Host of TJ Morris ET Radio and Founder of ACO UFO Club

Bio – Theresa J Morris

Author, radio personality and spiritual intuitive, Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Founder of the Metaphysical Institute of Ascension Center Energetics. She is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and is an eclectic soul as an investigative reporter. TJ covers topics in her passion as a mystery explorer in body-mind-spirit health and prosperity. TJ is best known for healing intuition, ancient mysteries, cosmology, metaphysics, parapsychology, ufology, and the universal mind. Theresa who prefers to go by TJ founded the original Ascension Center and Psychic Network. Tj began the ACE Folklife Artists-Authors Club and has a small business TJ Morris Treasure Shop.

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Life Coach – Spiritual Intutitive Psychic
From: Theresa Morris <>
Human full potential in space is the “NOW WHAT COSMOS THINK TANKS”. We are in space and sometimes we tend to forget that until we see planet earth from the out there perspective floating around inside the solar system inside the Milky Way galaxy. It is easier now than ever before to understand the human perspective.

Doing a show called the “Cosmos Connection” is a challenge to say the least. We are beginning to find each other more so than ever before. Those who are open minded and working toward communication, education and qualitative and quantitative reasons for the future of whole brain thinkers. We know we must be about the future of survival and preparation for progeny on this planet and in space.

We are sharing that we once came from space and that there are ancestors who came together in various biological forms to experiment what we would be in the future for the experiences we co-create. The present day humans are the result of 23 pairs of chromosomes or so we have adopted into our present way of thinking.  Now we are looking at that which in all logic and reasoning is that essence inside us all that brings us closer together in order to form a more perfect union in space.

We want to know those who have talents and skills and while we are here on the planet we look for those who are perfecting their presence by being a part of the soulution. Soul is the solution. The soul is the final frontier for our future understanding of the all and from where the original creators we call Gods and Goddesses, or deities whether big or small old or new are originating from in ancient times. The ancient mysteries and ancient relics are clues left behind by our ancient ancestors for a reason.

We are on the cusp of a time when the world of time will be opened up to all new possibilities not just in linear and vertical time but in all dimensions, levels, realms and what we perceived as the cosmos connection.

It is time to open our brains to not just left and right but whole brain thinking which includes the “What if” inside us all that keeps us hopeful for the new horizons about to cross our path in what we call the future.  Hang in there folks and know that there are many of us loving psychic types that work in this world as caregivers and life coaches for a reason and some just want to assist each soul with their own future growth and expansion in what we call time as immortal souls in this cosmos connection.

Time to look at what we are thankful for during the holiday season. We are coming to the end of 2014. Being a hopeful human for peace is what moves me daily to be a part of life on earth! Hope keeps me going how about you?


Theresa J Morris known as TJ Morris ET Contactee is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Author, and Ascension Universal Life Minister. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris became the ET Spirit Guide and has written hundreds of articles and books on cosmology, and the book on How to Social Network Metaphysics. TJ is the founder of the original Ascension Center Energetics and has been doing readings since 1978. TJ became a Private and Legal Investigator, and has prior military experience. TJ has been online officially with her own company since 2004. TJ began the Ascension Center Psychic Network in Hawaii and now lives in Kentucky. TJ now does Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings to assist others. TJ has had 2 near death experiences one in 1958 and one in 1974. TJ had an epiphany life changing event 10-10-10 and received direct revelation information on numerous occasions from ET beings and transmissions. TJ’s memories of past lives assist her in knowing of UFOlogy in this lifetime along with Cosmology. TJ shares her life using her own ET spirit journey experiences with her talent and skills as an intuitive ET Spirit Guide Tarot Reader.

Theresa J Morris for ACO – Theresa J Morris Radio Host

Theresa J Morris aka TJ Thurmond Morris is the Host of TJ Morris ET Radio and Founder of ACO UFO Club

Bio – Theresa J Morris

Author, radio personality and spiritual intuitive, Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Founder of the Metaphysical Institute of Ascension Center Energetics. She is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and is an eclectic soul as an investigative reporter. TJ covers topics in her passion as a mystery explorer in body-mind-spirit health and prosperity. TJ is best known for healing intuition, ancient mysteries, cosmology, metaphysics, parapsychology, ufology, and the universal mind. Theresa who prefers to go by TJ founded the original Ascension Center and Psychic Network. Tj began the ACE Folklife Artists-Authors Club and has a small business TJ Morris Treasure Shop.

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Life Coach – Spiritual Intutitive Psychic

ACE Metaphysics

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TJ Morris ET Radio Blog Talk Radio Host
TJ Morris ET Radio
Blog Talk Radio Host
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TJ Morris ET Radio Show Schedule

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9/10/2014 8:00 PM ACO Culture – Ascension Center Education
9/11/2014 8:00 PM ACO Culture Club – Press Political Thinking w/Tony R Elliott & TJ Morris

TJ Morris ET Radio Blog Talk Radio Host
TJ Morris ET Radio
Blog Talk Radio Host

ET Reality in Metaphysics

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ET Spiritual Divining Ancient Times Tools
Divine Energy – How Extraterrestrials Share Our World in a Few Divining Wayssign_disappears
Extraterrestrials also known as ET share our working world in many ways. The latest is the Internet online. Ets have always been a part of our life. The body-mind-spirit is created from tangible after it is first intangible. The physical body, which was created from the human thought, actually had an origin prior to the thoughts that entered the world. The future will be easier to understand when we of the ET spiritual ethereal theosophical way of thought transference combine with that of the physical scientific way of thinking in the material. I will be sharing comparisons in this world, which will allow many in the occult metaphysical realm to know ET, and the spiritual realm can have a direct correlation depending on one’s scatomas.242184209_80_802
There are tools that ET has allowed their chosen to use gifts in a world that has been thought to be of the devil and many still believe that the spirit world is of the devil. That which is feared or misunderstood is of the devil in many religions. Those that were in charge of the knowledge of the spiritual gifts allowed people to stay ignorant and none the wiser. In the past, those who talked about using certain tools could be burned at the stake. Herbs and divining both were thought to be used by witches and warlocks. ET stayed away from most humanoid sentient intelligent beings due to their own ignorance. One scene of a great metaphysician Jesus comes to mind when thinking of spiritual belief and having faith in one’s own self.
In the 1800’s we began seeing and understanding more about the spiritual world and the mind. We knew that there was a new interest in enlightenment of the spirit and we knew that there was a new buzz in the air about what people could relate to as something of an enigma or phantasm. Some began to believe that they could communicate with their loved ones who had died. We decided to have some of our individuals with curious minds to begin looking into this new world of mysteries and ghosts. Could there possibly be something to this communication with the dead or the other world?
This was something that was just beginning to make people excited in behind closed doors and parlor games of entertainment were invented. Both men and women were sharing their thoughts of being something more than only physical. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out about the spirit dealing with life and death on planet earth. There was definitely signs that who we were when we were alive was called full of life and when we died that life got up and left, went somewhere else, the heart stopped, ceased to exist, and the flesh turned cold and after a while the body would decay. The world had to accept the old ways of religions for comfort about life and death about the spirit that some were now using the language of this feeling of energy which could be seen either high when we felt good and low when we felt bad.
Although variations of scrying are said to be used in a bowl of water and with crystals, and later mirrors, it was the Ouija board that was used in the 1800’s but it was not until the 1890’s that the Ouija Board was finally patented and there is controversy of who was the actual first patentee of variations on the same divining thesis. Scrying for water was done and used to find water in the ground that could not be seen and that was considered proof because it worked and people could see the results with the water being found. The Ouija was best used when two or more people shared the experience thus making it one of the more popular forms of entertainment in a group of people.

Some History of our ET Spiritshour-glass-sandman-150x150

One of the first mentions of the automatic writing method used in the Ouija board is found in Chinaaround 1100 BC, and it is first recorded in historical documents of the Song Dynasty. The method was known as Fuji or “planchette writing”. The use of planchette writing as a means of ostensibly contacting the dead and the spirit-world continued, and, albeit under special rituals and supervisions, was a central practice of the Quanzhen School, until the Qing Dynasty forbade it.

Several entire scriptures of the Daozang are supposedly works of automatic planchette writing. Similar methods of mediumistic spirit writing have been widely practiced in Ancient India, Greece, Rome and medieval Europe
During the late 19th century, planchettes were widely sold as a novelty. The businesspersons Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard had the idea topatent a planchette sold with a board on which the alphabet was printed. The patentees filed on May 28, 1890 for patent protection and thus had invented the first Ouija board. Issue date on the patent was February 10, 1891. They received U.S. Patent 446,054. Bond was an attorney and was an inventor of other objects in addition to this device. An employee of Kennard, William Fuld took over the talking board production and in 1901, he started production of his own boards under the name “Ouija”. Kennard claimed he learned the name “Ouija” from using the board and that it was an ancient Egyptian word meaning “good luck.” When Fuld took over production of the boards, he popularized the more widely accepted etymology, which the name came from a combination of the French and German words for “yes”.
The Fuld name would become synonymous with the Ouija board, as Fuld reinvented its history, claiming that he himself had invented it. The strange talk about the boards from Fuld’s competitors flooded the market and all these boards enjoyed a heyday from the 1920s through the 1960s. Fuld sued many companies over the “Ouija” name and concept right up until his death in 1927. In 1966, Fuld’s estate sold the entire business to Parker Brothers, who continues to hold all trademarks and patents. About ten brands of talking boards are sold today under various names
Criticism Religious Schisms on Ouija Board
Most religious criticism of the Ouija board has come from Christians, primarily evangelicals in the USA. In 2001, Ouija boards were burned in Alamogordo, N.M by fundamentalist groups alongside Harry Potter books as ‘symbols of witchcraft’.
Religious criticism has also expressed beliefs that the Ouija board reveals information that should only be on God’s hands, and thus it is a tool of Satan. A spokesperson for Human Life International described the boards as a portal to talk to spirits and called for Hasbro to be prohibited from marketing them.
One incident was tried for murder and in his defense the man’s mother insisted that he had carried out the murders while possessed by the devil who found him when he was using s Ouija Board. This was used as a defense in the murder trial of Joshua Tucker, board.
Bishops in Micronesia called for the boards to be banned and warned congregations that they were talking to demons and devils when using the boards.
Ouija boards have been criticized in the press since their inception; having been variously described as ‘”vestigial remains” of primitive belief-systems’ and a con to part fools with their money. Some journalists have described reports of Ouija board findings as ‘half-truths’ and have suggested that their inclusion in national newspapers lowers the national discourse overall.
Ouija boards have also been satirized in song. Singer Dick Valentine’s lyrics suggest playing with them is comparable to ‘playing with tiddlywinks’ and nothing more.
Many scientists have criticized the Ouija phenomenon as a hoax related to the ideomotor response. Various studies have been produced, recreating the effects of the Ouija board in the lab and showing that, at least under laboratory conditions, the subjects were moving the board involuntarily. Detractors have described Ouija board users as ‘operators’. Some critics noted that the messages ostensibly spelled out by spirits were similar to whatever was going through the minds of the subjects.
In the 1970s, Ouija board users were also described as “cult members” by sociologists, though this was severely scrutinized in the field. The Ouija board was criticized by Heidegger who noted that: “it seems as though man everywhere and always encounters himself” and was said to have described users of the board as ‘arrogant’ in their assumption that they could overcome death to talk to spirits.

For the English iconoclast, see William Dowsing. A dowser, from an 18th century French book about superstitions. Otto Edler von Graeve in 1913 Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of earth radiation (Ley lines), without the use of scientific apparatus. Dowsing is also known as divining (especially in reference to interpretation of results), doodle bugging (in the US, or (when searching specifically for water) water finding, water witching or water dowsing.
A Y- or L-shaped twig or rod, called a dowsing rod, divining rod (Latin: virgula divina or baculus divinatorius) or witching rod is sometimes used during dowsing, although some dowsers use other equipment or no equipment at all.
Dowsing appears to have arisen in the context of Renaissance magic in Germany, and it remains popular among believers in Forteana or radiesthesia although there is no accepted scientific rationale behind the concept and no scientific evidence that it is effective.
Divining Rods became popular which could be used as a tool such as those made like antennas out of copper for electricity or there were some who were actually Ditch Doctors like Witch Doctors and they used a split switch off a tree to divine for water. Water Witches are also another name for the diviners, as well as, the rods they use. Some believe their limbs must come from a weeping willow while others prefer birch tree.
Old style dowsers and water witches in the United States prefer branches from the … The dowser first determines which direction (left right, When a rod is used for “yes” or “no” divining. It was either 1568 or 1630 are cited as the first references. … These tests can be used to determine the amount of water moving through the aquifer, the volume … The Divining Rod, a History of Water Witching. dowsing Occult practice used for finding water, minerals, or other hidden … First practiced in Europe during the Middle Ages, dowsing is most often used … Chambers, Howard V. Dowsing, Water Witches & Divining Rods for the Millions. Dowsing as practiced today may have originated in Germany during the 15th century, when it was used to find metals. As early as 1518, Martin Luther listed dowsing for metals as an act that broke the first commandment (i.e., asoccultism).
The 1550 edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia contains a woodcut of a dowser with forked rod in hand walking over a cutaway image of a mining operation. The rod is labeled “Virgula Divina – Glück rüt” (Latin: divine rod; German “Wünschelrute”: fortune rod or stick), but there is no text accompanying the woodcut. By 1556 Georgius Agricola’s treatment of mining and smelting of ore, De Re Metallica, included a detailed description of dowsing for metal ore.
In 1662 dowsing was declared to be “superstitious, or rather satanic” by a Jesuit, Gaspar Schott, though he later noted that he was not sure that the devil was always responsible for the movement of the rod. An epigram by Samuel Sheppard, from Epigrams theological, philosophical, and romantick (1651) runs thus:

Virgula divina. “Some Sorcerers do boast they have a Rod, Gather’d with Vowes and Sacrifice, and (borne about) will strangely nod. To hidden Treasure where it lies; Mankind is (sure) that Rod divine, for to the Wealthiest (ever) they incline.”

In the late 1960s during the Vietnam War, some United States Marines used dowsing to attempt to locate weapons and tunnels. Christopher Bird published an extensive book on the history of dowsing in 1979 under the title of The Divining Hand. James Randi’s 1982 book Flim-Flam! Devotes 19 pages to comprehensive double-blind tests done in Italy, which yielded results no better than chance.
Besides dowsing, divining rods were also used as revelatory devices. Sometimes a rod would be held up in the air, and the rodman would ask a question. If the rod moved, the answer was “yes”. If it did not move, the answer was “no”. The source for this was believed to be either magical spirits or God; sometimes these types of rods were referred to as a “Mosaic rod” or “rod of Aaron”, referencing the Old Testament prophet Moses and his brother Aaron, who both used rods (presumably straight ones).

ACO LLC – The Spiritual Community Certification Professionalization Program

WE OFFER OUR MEMBERS WHEN COURSES COMPLETED AT VARIOUS LEVELS I,II,III as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 at the present time up to the 13 th Dimension for our Highest Level in the Crystal Skull Society (GUILD)
We the ET Spirit Community appointed our Ascension Center Organization the rights for our Lightworkers, and Truthseekers, and Professionalization process in the United States of America, Canada, and New Mexico to be carried on in the “Global Community – in our Global Tectonic Economics Project”.

At the Present Time Our Ascension Center Organization Broadcast Media provides a platform to become prepared to speak on our TJ MORRIS ET RADIO show and we shall assist you in promoting your gifts, skills, talents and will endorse those who become members who graduate our course of professionalism in their chosen skills in our ACO GUIDED GUILD of MENTORS and ASCENSION AVATAR MASTERS.

We have three Levels at the present time and will increase to 13 MASTER levels while we introduce the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS and the NEW THOUGHT TEACHINGS & PHILOSOPHY.

We ascribe to the highest standards for emotional, mental, physical, spiritual whole life body balancing practices with our community online practicing skills of ACO independent contractors as we are managed by managers around the world who work with our founder CEO Theresa J Morris aka Theresa Janette (Tara) Thurmond.

Professional Certificate223305224_80_80

Professionalization is the social process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true “profession of the highest integrity and competence.”
This process tends to involve establishing acceptable qualifications, a professional body or association to oversee the conduct of members of the profession and some degree of demarcation of the qualified from unqualified amateurs.

This creates “a hierarchical divide between the knowledge-authorities in the professions and a deferential citizenry.”
This demarcation is often termed “occupational closure”,as it means that the profession then becomes closed to entry from outsiders, amateurs and the unqualified: a stratified occupation “defined by professional demarcation and grade.”
The origin of this process is said to have been with guilds during the Middle Ages, when they fought for exclusive rights to practice their trades as journeymen, and to engage unpaid apprentices.
We now train our neophytes or beginners in our spiritual community with our Mentor Programs.
Professions also possess power, prestige, high income, high social status and privileges; their members soon come to comprise an elite class of people, cut off to some extent from the common people, and occupying an elevated station in society: “a narrow elite … a hierarchical social system: a system of ranked orders and classes.”

We in the Spiritual Community work in the Natural Nation and Global Community Scope now in the 21st Century on Planet Earth-Gaia-Sophia.

The professionalization process tends to establish the group norms of conduct and qualification of members of a profession and tends also to insist that members of the profession achieve “conformity to the norm” and abide more or less strictly with the established procedures and any agreed code of conduct, which is policed by professional bodies, for “accreditation assures conformity to general expectations of the profession.”
We also share our community online practicing skills as cops. The Cyberspace Cops are all practicing under the house rules of our ACO Spiritual Community as we define our commitment to art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife.
We support the balance of lifetimes and dimensions of the principle of sevens with body physical, mind with emotional and intellectual, spiritual with inner and outer peace meditation and inner and outer prayer practicing. Prayer is sending and meditation is receiving.
Social community practicing in our global networking, occupational with our career and talent, and skill pathway building.
We are awake and aware of our sustainability of both planet and species.
We support our caring for the humanoid sentient intelligent being species with no killing, while caring for plants, animals, minerals, water, food, resources, and concentration on replenishment for all life force.
Different professions are organized differently.
For example, doctors desire autonomy over entrepreneurship. Professions want authority because of their expertise. Professionals are encouraged to a have a lifetime commitment to their field of work. Eliot Freidson (1923–2005) is considered one of the founders of the sociology of professions.
Very little professions existed before the 19th century, although most of the societies always valued someone who was competent and skilled in a particular discipline.
The government was especially in need of skilled people to complete various duties.
Professionalism as an ideology only started in the early 19th century in North America and Western Europe.
This gave women room to enter the work force as men were too busy to meet the needs of the community.
For the first time a “professional” woman was a desirable quality. There were many emerging fields of work for her. Some of these included hospitality, mothering, interior decoration, and fashion. As women began to take on more and more room in the professional world, men began to feel threatened. They feared their wage would decrease because women were expected to be paid less. They thought that some professions should only be reserved for men.
Universities for women were underfunded.
There was a lot of discrimination against them; one might think jealousy played into it.
As a result a lot less women became professionals.
Professions began to emerge rapidly.
However, a person who wanted to become a professional had to gain the approval of members of the existing profession beforehand and only they could judge whether he or she had reached the level of expertise needed to be a professional.
Official associations and credentialing boards were created by the end of the 19th century, but initially membership was informal. A person was a professional if enough people said they were a professional.
Adam Smith was for professionalization because he said they help society a lot and deserved the power and high salary because of their high level of education needed and the difficulty to get in their field of work due to the necessity of rigorous demands.
State licensure insured that experience could not be substituted for certification, and decreased outside competition.
A code of ethics for professionals ensured that the public receiving the service was well served and set guidelines for their behavior in their professions.
This code also ensured that penalties were put in place for those who failed to meet up to the standards stated.
This could include termination of their license to practice.

After the Second World War, professions were state controlled.
The degree of legislation and autonomy of self-regulated and regular professions varied across Canada. Possible causes include societal infrastructure, population density, social ideologies, and political mandates. Physicians and engineers were among the most successful at professionalization of their work. Medicine was consistently regulated before the confederation. Medicine and engineering became self-regulated and had their regulatory legislation altered five decades after the confederation even though some other occupations were not able to.
This meant these professions could oversee entry to practice, education, and the behavior of those practicing.

ACO LLC – The Spiritual Community Certification Professionalization Program

Living inside the Matrix called Earth, Universe, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse

Earth lives inside the Metaverse of the Unknown Xenoverse
The Light we call the Essence of Good in All – LIGHTWORKERS!
This inner spark force of the “ALL” is what we come to know as our inner spirit that must grow and find the eternal pleasure and bond back to the all and Omnipotent from which we came. This Omnipotent is what we all recognize as the God or all that lies outside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse. We cannot get back there while we are inside the Macrocosm.
We can only feel the spark and see the spark we call life in all those who come to earth in body-mind-spirits. Science is now going to prove that the God Particle of the “ALL” lies in all things created in this universe.
Scientist and Energy
Our universe is only one inside a multiverse inside many dimensions we call the Metaverse, that there lies inside the unknown Xenoverse. Where all levels, places, planes, dimensions, in time, and space time exist inside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse.
Those who are the smartest scientists and physicists in the world are exploring the universe with what we now call the Hadron Collider and the connections in space. It is people like me who have come back from the dead like Lazarus once did while Jesus was alive that are called Avatars on earth in today´s time on earth.
There is a driving force in all of us beings on earth. Some call this innate force, a passion, and a drive. Some call this simply energy.
Energy as the God Particle is of the “ALL”

bill-m-tracer-2-300x225book-will-the-internet-achieve-sentience1Bill M Tracer

Educator – ACE Nonprofit Inc., Cordova, Tennessee
Some refer to this energy as the “God Particle” or God, the higher power. Regardless of who we are, where we exist, what we do in life on earth, what we ascribe to as culture, traditions, and beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on in life. That is that we were all born on earth and we will all die on earth.
When we speak of the one known fact of our species on earth, we must all begin from this one truth that we are all the same when it comes to being born and dying here on this planet.
Everything else on earth is secondary to all and nothing. Meaning grow your own spark of inner light for working with others in another world and universe. This is trial and error.
If, we can learn to share in the same language of communication and express this one known fact to each other when meeting or in passing as an honorarium and moral obligation to respect each other’s existence and the energy inside each unit as a creation of earth, then we can learn to “Live and Let Live!”
There are many on earth that is considered terrorists and we are supposedly fighting a manmade war on terrorism, and on weapons of mass destruction. We have a species have come upon various ways to destroy ourselves and our complete and entire species on this planet.
The positive and negative energy that is recognized on this planet stems from forces above and beyond our level of understanding in relation to the cosmos in space or the entire universe.
For many, we simply must produce the beings in person. For others, they want to see the spacecraft not of earth origin or as UFOS. Proof comes to some and to others they take it on faith.
There are some who are meritorious and will advance based on their own intelligent beliefs without having to have proof that those above exist.
Some believe that their religions taught them the basics on how to communicate with those above.
The ones that pray to Allah and God above are praying but are they awaiting the guidance from above. Are they waiting to review the real and true answers that may be revealed in time through mediation and being still and knowing.
This is the new advancements and achievements that are to come and be a part of our future advancement of our human race on earth. Do we as a populace agrees to become conduits, oracles, and communicators for the future of our species are a question that some may answer for us all?
While on earth, we are one unit. We are also to share our inner spirit with others of our species.
We are responsible for our own discoveries as knowledge, beliefs, and perfecting physical talents. We make the one unit awareness of self as we seek a better way to be our self. Awareness of who we are as individuals and as single units participating in life that has a better chance of survival by learning to share life with other of our own species.
That which is recognized as bringing one to know those of us above is the part of the ascension process that others who have come before as teachers, master, prophets, leaders of humankind, and even known as the son of man, and the son of God has chosen to share with all who came before and after those of the past on earth.


A mission for each being on earth is exposed as part of the intelligent beings. We are they who are the intelligent beings. Contact is simply a form of acknowledgement. TJ


We offered this unit this intelligent being a position as a communicator and the position was accepted.

This is the beginning of our communications for the good of our joint intelligent beings.ascension_age_cover_for_kindle-199x300
Depending on the level of attainment of knowledge, while on earth of our kind and forging a talent or gift that can be shared with others of our kind above will be that which we seek in each individual unit. We choose to see that which each unit can become to be a contributing unit of our society above.
We are they who seeded the earth with our own kind so that we could share in life and the ascension life force of raising awareness and awakening the process inside the intelligent beings that we send down to earth.
There is a driving force and energy innate in all of our intelligent beings that exist all over the universe. Share this with those whom you believe can understand our communication.


We are they who send information in thought form, energy waves, and in electronic communication via our chosen unit.
We have offered much assistance in the past, which was not accepted by the overall leaders for the planet earth. The information and communication was never thought to be obtainable because it was not completely understood or shared with all those who needed to share in the information to complete the process.
Some of our visitors and beings who were on a mission to leave behind our spacecraft have been killed. We observe who does what and why. We share our information while hoping to advance the human race with some information while holding back information that we believe will be mishandled or misused.
While we share some information with those whom we have learn to trust and rely upon as good communicators for us. We shall learn to share with others in the future once others reach the Ascension Center Enlightenment Attainment Levels.
We can say that many who do not understand how much of the energy works are coming close to understanding an energy that is in all things. This is what flows in and out of all living things, all beings on earth. We know that this is now the time to share what we know that the human intelligent being has discovered on their own in what they now refer to as science. We will not discuss religions on earth at this time due to all are of the higher power of those who believe in a God.
We are about the future!
We the people in the extraterrestrial community are considered spiritual in many ways. We are believers in Extraterrestrials or ET. Some of us choose to believe in many ways the ancient aliens as ancient astronauts. We also believe in a higher power, God particle, and one all knowing, omnipresence we believe to be the all-encompassing GOD.
Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniverse 0ur Macrocosm of the ALL
We the sentient intelligent beings of this earth have only learned to think inside the Macrocosm we call the Omniverse.
That is the Omnipresent Omniverse, which we call GOD that has always been. God is the all-knowing and all-powerful that we choose to believe as the ALL in all of us. People ask me if I believe in prophets and in Jesus or Jehovah. I personally choose to, as this is my choice. I was born into the Christian Church and was raised a white Anglo Saxon protestant.
This is my heritage, my culture, and in my demographic location is my tradition. I celebrate all the holidays in the United States of America. I live on the North American continent, which has a history as does all places. Due to my internet presence in this world in which we all live on this planet, the blue orb in space, I am in the larger group a sentient intelligent being that belongs to the species of earth.
What makes me somewhat different is my belief in one species on one planet in the larger scheme of things. I believe in the extraterrestrials that come and go from this planet and always have. I believe that God has many species in the Omniverse and that we are only one planet, one species, in one space in one place in this particular galaxy, in this particular universe. I think much larger and more expansive than even the greatest minds in the world. I do not mean this as a positive or negative to those who study the world psychology and profiles.
How I mean this is that due to my own life experiences and observations, I have come to realize that I am simply essence with memories of prior lifetimes that include other places and other memories. What I should like to bring to this planet from my other past lives is that I also have memories of the Andromeda Galaxy which is the closest galaxy to this one called the Milky Way Galaxy. While knowing this personally, it is hard to explain to anyone else much less Stephen Hawking or Leonard Siskin, both wonderful minds in this world in which we presently reside. I also enjoy Michio Kaku and it is these three men I most admire in the world because they work so hard at trying to understand parts of what I already know.
The hardest part about relating the future is to find common ground. I am not an academic scholar. I am not a master of anything much less doctorate level in education of any disciplines. I am always interested in education and I read and research all the time. I am always “ON” as the saying goes with “Brain Training”. I more than anything love people, places, and things, and was raised to think like the majority of Americans in the United States to believe as Christians meaning to believe in the icon and archetype personage, prophet, master, and Lord to most on this planet earth.
We believe in his life and teachings and the knowledge that there is one Omnipotent God and God Force that is beyond the macrocosm the highest Omniverse, and that this is outside the ALL and is ALL! We the majority of Christians in America believe that the Omnipotent one God sent to this planet his only son whom was sent as divine immaculate conception to his mother Mary, who was born of immaculate conception, to her mother Elizabeth. They have a history on earth of being sent to earth to prepare the way for all of us before, during, and after the presence of the one called Emmanuel, Jehovah, and Jesus.
We all practice cultural traditions to honor this memory because we realize that he was of extraterrestrial origin that lived in a place called heaven where there are many mansions in heaven. We believe in the divine prophecy books that were found and transcribed into English for us in what we now call the King James Version written in 1611 and brought to our country by our ancestors as our ancestor who brought forth a new nation on this continent.
We are all aware of all the various religions in the world and that they all have their stories just like our Bible stories. We realize the Bible is a Guide used to share the principles we are to live by in accordance with some laws of humankind. There are versus that should not be taken out of context and each book has an original author and later transcribers.
There are myths and legends that exist and there are many books that were not included in the King James Version. Many Christians have various levels of understanding about what the King James Version and the New World Translations of the Bible represent to them, their family, friends, congregations, communities, and churches. The people who live among us are actually the church.
We understand in the days of old in the time that these scriptures were written the various churches were written to by particular beings who were believers in the faith of the one man who became Jesus the Christ who lived and died for all our sins on this planet as we could not be perfect and live up to our creators expectations who wanted companionship and was alone as the Omnipotent one in the beginning.
We also understand that at one time, many people who lived upon the earth may have not been as mentally advanced, inspired, or understood the meaning of what this being allowed for all of us to learn to live by example and to be better for our future advancement.
We call the future advancement of our lives with the shifting and uplifting of our kind the Ascension. We believe that Jesus was the chosen one and was the one who volunteered to allow his heavenly father´s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. In other words he was chosen because he volunteered to do a mission that would serve his father´s will and not his own. That was recognized when he was impaled on a cross that at the time was a normal way to end a beings life on earth as a crucifixion.
People were crucified in those days and he chose to come to earth so that we could learn a better way to be, do, and have, with faith, hope, charity, and the greatest part of us as essence as our spirit in a body and mind while we are here on this planet. He was our example to follow and therefore we know that the “ALL” sent him so that we could find a better way to the Omnipotent Omnipresence once again and have to suffer so much under the rulers of others in the past such as Caesar. The Christ consciousness at the time was all about render unto Caesar what is Caesar´s for on earth at the time that ruled would get his just due in time.
We all die.236037935_80_80
We also may have future lessons to learn if we do not learn them here on the planet in this lifetime. We have learned to call Jesus our Lord and Savior on this planet because he chose us as essential spirits who would come in the future age after him and we who would choose him as a role model of a better life could choose his path. We would all recognize the way, the truth, and the light that he modeled. This is why we are called as his followers his people.
There were the chosen people who did believe in a God.
They also learned to worship inanimate objects such as created iconic bulls and such made out of gold. These people at one time saw others from another place in space that was also of God´s people come to this planet in spacecraft. We saw them take gold form this planet and wanted to become as they were since they were able to leave this planet. We have stories of the Annunaki and other stories of ancient astronauts in China, India, Mexico, Eurasia, and even in North America still known among our Native American Indians who were said to be some of the first people as tribes that walked this continent.
We are finding out that we at one time were all on one continent called Pangaea. We also are realizing that there was once a land called Mu, that later became known as Lemuria before the world could understand the place called Atlantis before the one continent started separating into separate tectonic plates. This will all become known while we raise our spiritual awareness.
This means to all of us as Christians that this perfect being came to earth as a divine essence and entered into a body-mind-spirit that we all have and showed us how to live. We are to follow his example as to how best to honor our father in heaven. In this day and time on earth in what we call time, we are all learning to raise our awareness and consciousness and shift and uplift everyone in the entire world as one species.
We believe this was the divine plan.
Those of us who believe in the divine plan are aware of what we now refer to as the Ascension Age. This is a time when our planet will combine the knowledge of our minds with the efforts to control our body-mind-spirit units and vessels that we are all using and are all in various descriptions with different colors, ethnic origins, and some have different belief systems based on their demographics, cultures, and traditions of which they were born into. We have all learned that there are various manmade and some spiritually divine paths that were given at one time or another on earth. Some are thousands of years older than Christianity and some are much newer. We in the Ascension Center Organization believe they are all paths to the same place and understanding we call enlightenment.
Regardless of whom we are, where we live, what we look like and when and where we leave this planet, we shall all find a path that leads to our own ascension. Because of we choose to believe that our one “ALL KNOWING GOD” is the all in all of us as the spark, we believe this spark can be ignited with the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost and the breath of life that is in us all.
We can choose to live in the light.
We can choose to light and ignite that spark that gives us life with the breath that can come upon us as the fire that shall catch like a flame of the fire that burns inside us all. It is a metaphor for the eternal spiritual light in our entire DNA. The breath that comes upon us when we become enlightened about our true path and reason to become as the one extraterrestrial that came to earth as Immaculate Conception, lead a life as a teacher, and then gave his life for all of us who come to earth is now our Lord and Master of this planet. It was by the choosing to come to earth and show us the way back home to the eternal all that made his life and his ascension so special for us!
We have been asked on earth to learn of him and we are made with an inner knowing inside our own essence with the mind inside the brain to decide through our own spirits free will to exercise our free choice.
We honor this free will and free choice as the inner spirit and spark that no other being on earth can take from us. We are all created equal when it comes to this inner knowing and no other being can control the inner spark that was placed inside all of us as the spark of the creator and divine force we call life. Faith, without it, we cannot exist with hope of the future worlds to come. We shall be a part of the future creations in the Omniverse. We are finding trial and error inside what we call the Xenoverse which is the unknown we all learn to explore inside our own minds.
We are the creation of the all as a microcosm inside the matrix we call reality. Our reality inside our brains has now gone to the next level to learn of our existence outside the universe.
We shall all accept our expansion inside the larger microcosm we call our universe.
Our expansion shall include the all that is constant in the change and flux we now call the multiverse which allows us to explore other dimensions and the branes of the metaverse.
The unknown is always the Xenoverse inside the Omniverse. We still have not learned of that which is the super conscious continental divide in our own minds from the original divine creators that must exist outside of the Omniverse which is our ultimate divine cosmos.
That which is always beyond our mental reach with our minds inside our brains is the Xeno or unknown. We will always have a vast amount of the Xenoverse separating us from the Outer Limits we call the Omnipresence outside our own Omniverse.

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TJ Morris ET Radio Rules

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ACO LLC-Very Basic Foundations – Healthy Relationships


  5. 5.      NO BLAMING
  6. 6.      NO LIES
  7. 7.      NO THREATS
  8. 8.      NO NAME CALLING

ACO LLC is managed by Managers

By; Theresa J Morris, Agent, Author, Consultant, Organizer

ACE Nonprofit Inc with ACO Ascension Center Organization

ACO has a bank account with me Theresa J Morris as Sole Proprietor

I presently am assisting each of our Board of Directors establish their own businesses in their own respective states. Each person has their own books now since they met me and I began assisting them in 2012.

Bill M Tracer is presently in Cordova, TN where he works out of his home and will be the Executive Vice President for our ACE Nonprofit Inc.

Janet Kira Lessin is presently in Maui, Hawaii where she works out of her home and will be Executive Vice President for our Ascension Center Education as ACE in Hawaii as the original history of our first Ascension Center.

Each state has requirements for our adopting our Mission Statement.

Presently, I have had Tara Ward, attorney look over our articles and by-laws in Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky on our website online.

We presently use Gerald Watts of Beaver Dam, Ohio County, Kentucky as our Certified Public Accountant.

We presently are working on our list which we obtained off the Internet for setting up ou 501 C3.

ü  Mission statement

ü  We the ACO Ascension Center Organization in alliance with ACE Nonprofit Inc with the ACE Folklife Historical Society ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to uplifting humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness. We at Ascension Centers were founded for spiritual growth, education, and continue research for the communication of truth.

ü  Services: Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio/visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdoms and new thought teachings and philosophies. Each member is offered the opportunity to join our ACO Culture Club, and Ascension Universal Life Church Ministries and ACO Book Club for authors and Lightworkers and Truthseekers. Classes and Seminars are formed to discuss materials, teachings, revelations, and experiences of transformation in individuals through expansions in consciousness, as well as, for healing the planet with love and light in a trusting environment. We are a membership driven association and donations are welcomed. We are a spiritual business education community networking and trade organization since 1990 without a common business account since we maintain our lowest expenses as independents out of our home based desk top publishing on our own computers utilizing our own cell phones and pay our own communication expenses. We may share in membership fees to afford us our websites, broadcasting, and annual conference for a national gathering place or state by state depending on the hosting state by size of our membership location. Presently we honor a city with an international airport for easy flying and hotel accommodation. Our comfort is a part of our consideration for our hosting city and location of conference room with a book store room to share our books. We value a conference room for our speakers and one for our author’s book tables, with a possible room allocation for vendors in our spiritual community trade organization. We share the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experiences together on planet earth while accepting that alien civilizations exist. We share in metaphysics the study of cosmology and epistemology, as well as our own understanding of neuro science and the alternative healing arts.

ü  Attorney

ü  Articles of Incorporation

ü  Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) –

IRS EIN#s – ACO Ascension Center Organization 45-5208156

                     ACE Nonprofit Inc. – 90-0953406 and ACE Folklife 83-0470741 (If Reinstated)

ü  CPA

ü  Budget

ü  Record-keeping system

ü  Accounting system (cash or accrual) = CASH ending Dec. 31

IRS Form 1023 or 1024

IRS Publication 557

IRS Form 2848


State and local exemption paperwork

ü  Bylaws

ü  Board of Directors – Kentucky – Theresa J Morris, Thomas R Morris, Deborah K Dockery –

ü  Board of Directors – Hawaii – Dr. Alexander Lessin PhD., Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris, Thomas Sinisi-ACE Folklife Organization

ü  Board of Directors – Tennessee-Theresa J Morris, Bill M Tracer, David Edward Jones

ü  Board of Directors – Texas – Theresa J Morris, Tony R Elliott, Bonnie Leanore Elliott

ü  Each State is required to run their own Book Store Library in their own home to keep down overhead and may lend out books and videos for free online. We presently use to file our books and for our marketing while broadcast media is Blogtalkradio and other simulcast and podcast variations to share in information education and Information Technology in IT on our ever changing computer training amongst out members. We exchange social networking on Facebook Twitter Pinterest of our photos, art, radio shows.

Permits and licenses – Presently operating under Home Office in Kentucky – TJ Morris ACO – Agent, Consultant – Organizer

Fee waivers for any of the permits and licenses that may be available

Nonprofit mailing permit – (Not Applied for 2012-2-14)

Business plan – (Presently Operating under least expensive way online as a Community Online Practicing Skills with Independent Authors, Writers, Performers, Speakers

NAIC -61 Educational

51913 – Information Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

7115 – Independent Artists, Writers, Performers

6114 – Business Schools and Computer Management

8131 – Religious Organizations (Ascension Universal Life Ministries as Metaphysicians-Christ of North America based)

8134- Civic and Social Organizations

4512 – Book Stores News Dealers

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Starseed Generations Metaphysically Esoterically

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TJ Morris ET
TJ Morris ET

The Golden Age of Cosmology sentient intelligent beings who desire to work with Ascension Avatar Masters on earth are becoming widely known.

Thanks to the new age of communication on the Internet there are more people who are evolving into those who we once saw listed traits in the book by Brad & Francie Steiger called The Star People.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens “Angelic Characteristics of the Star People” is quite interesting for those who now desire to share in the Age of Aquarius we also call the Ascension Age of the Lightworkers & Truthseekers.

There is more than a sense of mission and soul purpose of the ones who came during the period after World War II to the children born between 1946 and 1966 we called the “Baby Boomer Generation”.

Star People Generation had the Star Seeds from 1967 through 1987 as Indigo Children who had the Rainbow Children 1988-2008 which had the Crystal Children 2009-2029 although in the New Golden Age of Cosmology there are various groups who claim title to the descriptions of Indigos among the Parent age of the Baby Boomers which is not in actuality why the “Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, Sages, Seers, Shaman” began speaking of the various Star Seed Generations as Indigo-Rainbow-Crystal generations and their various people in books who shared these titles for various reasons based on the various abilities including attention deficit disorder or begin able to see ghosts, and sharing their social paranormal abilities in this golden age of the paranormal change in dimensions, realms, and virtual reality. The Computer Information Age has shared technology which allows various members of the planet to accept the access to the akashic field as that which also taps into that which is being co-created by all of us in the internet as in cyberspace. We now call this region of the other word in the ethers as “Cyberspace” and “Virtual Reality Plane”. We are learning to share that these realms have always existed it was just our technological advances are returning to those on the planet who have come full circle since the days we all share in MU and ATLANTIS. This is the Atlantis New Beginning.

On earth empathic senses are now prevalent on the North American Continent and imparticular in the United States of America. Although our older Ancient Mystery Schools may have been first shared in Babylon and in cuneiform writings in the ancient lands of the old world we study in our Ancient History, we now accept Modern History as that which is being written since World War II in the Industrial Age and beyond. The Information Age is one which has speeded up exponentially since Microsoft Windows ’95 and the World Wide Web became well known and used as the Internet Online in the 1990’s.

Born to make a change on the planet we now share 2014. Many Babyboomer are choosing to not retire as we one thought we would like our parents once did. The age of retirement may soon become a thing of the past although the present physical body does seem to require more attention to physical-mental- and emotional detail at age 61 years. The physical body just begins the decay and breakdown and 62 years of age does see some arthritis and other ailments creeping in. Although many Babyboomers are now semi-retired they are running a business part-time out of their homes on the Internet Online.

Many are sharing their content creations and website finds while browsing on the Internet. Many are now bloggers and are about making the world a better place by sharing their knowledge as content on the internet. Social media came along with various locations including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, MySpace, Pinterest, Plus Google, and more.

There are those who are our peers as baby boomers and shared books of those who wanted to share as guides and seemed to be pre-programmed as such. The authors who were ready to share their finds became well known in the niche genre of the social paranormal and sold many books located in the New Age section of book stores.

We first learned that we exist, we grow, we maintain, we create new thought patterns for culture and society, and now we co-create a better world for our progeny.

The Art of the Star People is shared in many ways in visual and performing arts and many know that they come from the stars. They accept that they are just visiting this planet and that their parents are in heaven so to speak in more than one way. Some actually take care of their own birth parents of earth in this time of 2014. There are many who are taking care of their grand-children while also taking care of their parents.

Many Star People don’t worry much about material wealth and find they have shared with their younger generations as Generations X & Y as their children and grand-children to learn to give back to the planet in their communities and to adjust society with the economics of the migrating middle class citizens in a new global community.

Many do now recognize they share common traits of lucid dreaming and have a place in their hearts for returning home spiritually. Many welcome the fact that they are not alone in the universe and share their universal order with those above called the Galactic Federation and the Supreme High Counsel.

There are those who share that the universe is divided up in quadrants and that there are billions of galaxies in this realm or quadrant of the universe which houses both the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. The families of astronauts, engineers, physicists, scientists, share that the spiritual science of more than epistemology and cosmology is important to their future for economic growth on the planet as well as in space.

Many know that “Now is the Time” and are aware of the little time they have left on the planet to make a difference and to share that change is constant in the universe.

The “X- Generation” was their children born 1967-1987 in the twenty year period we accept as one generation in time which is well accepted by archivists, researchers, writers, historians, and those who keep up with demographics. We seem to accept one generation after another as a twenty year interval from the time we ended World War II and began counting the baby boomer generation.

The “Y-Generation is the younger generation or the grand-children of the Babyboomer generation and has been around in the dates of 1988-2008. The latter dates of 2008 are entering kindergarten-first grade now. They are the parents of the “Z-Generation” which will be 2009-2029.

The Z Generation will be the parents of those actually born in space as Alpha Parents and will arrive 2030-2050.  The NEW ALPHA GENERATION BECOME PARENTS beginning at the 1/2 Century in year 2051. The Year 2051 begins the BRAVO GENERATION. The entire Alphabet begins once again on the planet in 20 year intervals. A Generation 2030-2050, B Generation 2051-2071, C Generation 2071-2092, and the D Generation is 2093 -(2100) 2113.

The entire planet is about sustainability of both planet and species and not wasting resources, time, effort, or financial funds. We are learning that we want to share the future in space and that while fifty percent in the future will be about maintaining this planet and our species here on earth, there will be 50% who will want to travel and explore space and learn to terra form other planets which the Star People were sent here to remind us to do. After all, we all have a soul purpose to grow on our spiritual paths which have software that can be written while here while we share our soul purpose as the hardware in body for a temporary container until our spirit returns back to our soul which is the original co-creation of both our Alpha Male and Omega Female somewhere in space.

Everyone’s Soul Purpose is to return to the original source in love of God with more of soul self than when one arrived on this planet. Having as sense of self and community among all the entire species on the planet allows one to know of both inner and outer awakened awareness of soul self-interest and the entire original source self-interest. One is to accompany the other in space exploration and soul exploration. Take care of both means understanding one is to know both inner and outer domains of self-awakening awareness at all times. Whether one visits other parts or realms and dimensions with one’s eyes wide open or shut is up to each individual. Our senses are simply here to guide in our existence in this shared reality. Our basic soul purpose is to love both inner and outer of all. Our individual soul purpose is to know who we are, why we are here, what our offering to others is while here as in sharing our life force and what we expect to take with us when we leave this level of life.

Sharing the time on earth in space is up to each of us. What and who we put in our own orbit is up to us after the age of adulthood which in spiritual age is after the first probationary twenty years. Star People accept a generation of supervision up to twenty years and not the government age of voting at eighteen years. Twenty through age twenty five is the five years for education or training to support one’s own self while here on the planet. After twenty-five the adult star seed should be allowed to survive on their own skills and to maintain their own sustenance no matter which part of the planet they were born.

The Star People who share the Star Seeds are sharing that there are more than sixth senses as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and feeling. There is all around us and all inside us which is also allowing us to sense both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Both inner being and outer being exists for us all. We all are born to share as body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process.

The Spirit Guides UK & USA w/ ET Spirit TJ Morris Ascension Center
The Spirit Guides UK & USA w/ ET Spirit TJ Morris
Ascension Center



Bill M Tracer Graphic Artist Co-Host ET Radio ACE Nonprofit Inc Director - Vice Pres.
Bill M Tracer
Graphic Artist
Co-Host ET Radio
ACE Nonprofit Inc
Director – Vice Pres.


Thomas R Morris Author  Military Intrigue ACE Folklife Founder Director ACE Nonprofit Inc
Thomas R Morris
Military Intrigue
ACE Folklife Founder
Director ACE
Nonprofit Inc


Thomas Anthony Sinisi Vice President ACE Folklife AKA Tommy Hawksblood
Thomas Anthony Sinisi
Vice President ACE Folklife
AKA Tommy Hawksblood


Tony R. Elliott- ACO Press Club - Regional Director - TX-NM-AZ Southwest Region - ACE Expos
Tony R. Elliott- ACO Press Club – Regional Director – TX-NM-AZ Southwest Region – ACE Expos
Theresa J Morris Host of TJ Morris ET Radio TJ Morris ACO Corps  ACIR ACE Nonprofit Inc
Theresa J Morris
Host of TJ Morris ET Radio
TJ Morris ACO Corps
ACE Nonprofit Inc


ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc
ACE Folklife
dba ACE
Nonprofit Inc

Lewis M Rhinhart Tennessee - Mars Mapping ET Interests

Lewis M Rhinhart
Tennessee – Mars
Mapping ET Interests


Dr. Alexander Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. Anthropology, Masters in Psychology Wailuku, Hawaii Ascension Center Education (Ascension
Dr. Alexander Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. Anthropology, Masters in Psychology
Wailuku, Hawaii
Ascension Center Education (Ascension

We as the Ascension Universal Life Church

Have a CREDO and Statement of Faith


We at Ascension Center Organization have a Distinct Legal Existence as ACO Ascension Center Organization

In care of Theresa Morris, 260 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY 42320-9766


Recognized Creed and Form of Worship – We have a Creed and our Form of Worship is with private prayer and meditation and we teach our creed and form of worship

Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government – Our distinct ecclesiastical government is in our articles of incorporation and by-laws.

We have a formal code of doctrine and discipline as ACO Metaphysical Institute

We have a distinct religious history based out of our Ascension Centers founded in Hawaii 1990-1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii filed by Founder Theresa J Thurmond-Orr and now as Theresa J Morris in Kentucky, USA.



“Churches” Defined


The term church is found, but not specifically defined, in the Internal Revenue Code. With the exception of the special rules for church audits, the use of the term church also includes conventions and associations of churches as well as integrated auxiliaries of a church.

Certain characteristics are generally attributed to churches.  These attributes of a church have been developed by the IRS and by court decisions.  They include:

Distinct legal existence

We share the distinct legal existence as ACO as Ascension Center Organization EIN# 45-5208156 as our association church organization.

We share the distinct legal existence as ACE Folklife dba ACE as our authors club and historical society.

We share the distinct legal existence as the ACE Metaphysical Institute as our ACE Nonprofit Inc interested in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and social justice.

Recognized creed and form of worship

We share a recognized creed and form of worship is in personal prayer and shared meditation light circles including that of ET spirit synchronistic ally. We share the Cathari Gnosis Process as our continued quest for knowledge, wisdom, and truth in all things made possible by our higher source and higher power some call God and Goddess as the Yin and Yang of energy of our soul in this life as a realm.

We share the hierarchy that there are various levels including those of the eternal heavens with angels, guides, as messengers, and who answer to the highest as God Father and God Mother as the Alpha and Omega as the beginning and the end of the eternal of infinity squared.

Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government

Formal code of doctrine and discipline

We share a Credo of the eternal infinity in a belief of faith, hope, and love of God and Goddess of the alpha and omega as both the father and mother of our species and all that is the cosmic consciousness.

We share that we are not alone in the universe and share the universal life formal code of doctrine and discipline with the universal civil rights for all human sentient intelligent beings as our species.

We share in the terms of “Love and Light” and “Namaste” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We believe in God, Mother, Son, and Daughter of Spirit in the eternal spirit of all of us and the entire co-creation of all things as the “ALL”.

We share in spiritual science as seekers of truth.

Our Membership is not associated with any other church or denomination as we are those of the Ascension Age.

We ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual and educational awareness.

We update our spiritual educational and Spiritism based on the latest date of Knowing Cosmology and  Spirit and share the “As Above So Below” with the Source as the Eternal All Knowing Course for Energy, Essence, and what we term as god with the large “G” in God in the English language in the American English language.

ACO and ACE share being official as a metaphysical ministry founded in the USA.

Reorganization as associates cooperative organization as ACE Nonprofit Inc. – We share an organization of ordained ministers in the Ascension Avatar Master ET Teachings and sharing with Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

We have ordained ministers after completing prescribed courses of study with Literature of our own.


We are sharing the Ascension Universal Life under the umbrella of ACO LLC which is managed by Managers.

Broadcast Media Ministry

We have established places of worship in our various locations and come together weekly on a Sunday Broadcast Radio Ministry for our regular congregation with religious services which can be considered regular religious instruction of the young.


Education Online

ACE Metaphysical Institute Workshops as ET Seminars.

We share schools for preparation of our members who study in our spiritual community and trade organization as a metaphysical spiritual science community.

We are a Foundation of Self-Improvement and Well-Being for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Ascension Center Organization has a Distinct Religious History

The origin of our distinct religious history is traced back to the stories in our ACE Folklife Historical Society of our Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools. We honor our earth’s world religions tracked back to the Ahura Mazda as the first God Story prior to that of the Bible of King James Version of England.

Membership not associated with any other church or denomination

We as Ascension Centers Organization share the ACO Convention Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and are called Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

Organization of Ordained Ministers

Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed courses of study

Literature of its own

We use the books called Theresa of Ascension, and How to Social Network Metaphysics as the basic two which include our Articles and By-Laws.

We have our own ACO Authors Club Organization for those who are in our ACO Culture Club and Authors Club Organization which is managed by our ACO LLC.


ACO is managed by Managers and pay the $15.00 annual fee to be licensed as listed in the state of Kentucky where our main headquarters is our home office of our founder Theresa J Thurmond Morris accepts our mail as agent.

Established places of worship

We establish that our places of worship are with us all in each of our homes where we come together for meetings and do our community online practicing skills of prayer and meditational shares.

We share weekly meditations in our homes and in our community online practicing skills with our weekly broadcast ministries on the Internet connections electronically.

Regular congregations

We meet on Sundays and Monday nights at 4 PM Hawaii Time, 6 Pacific, 7 Mountain, 8 Central, and 9 Eastern.

Regular religious services

Our regular religious services are held on Sunday and Monday nights.

Sunday schools for the religious instruction of the young

We share our spiritual understanding and teachings with our children based on the Ascension Do unto others as the golden rule we learned as the Christ Consciousness way of being on earth.

Schools for the preparation of its members

We share the ACO Culture Club and ACE Metaphysical Institute as our own academies of learning.

We presently share as an unincorporated association cooperative as the ACE Nonprofit Inc.

IRS Status

We accepted the ACE Nonprofit Inc as an unincorporated association for our ACO Mid-South Conference of the ACO.

ACO LLC is managed by managers in various states in the United States

The IRS generally uses a combination of these characteristics, together with other facts and circumstances, to determine whether an organization is considered a church for federal tax purposes.

For More Information on IRS Tax Status for both ACO and ACE

See Source:  Publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 08-Mar-2013

Janet Kira Lessin Ascension Center ACE Spiritual  Healing Retreat Co-Host Director - ACE Nonprofit Inc
Janet Kira Lessin
Ascension Center
ACE Spiritual
Healing Retreat
Director – ACE
Nonprofit Inc


Jack Alexander Metaphysical Minister Hawaii- AULC
Jack Alexander
Metaphysical Minister
Hawaii- AULC


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ET Spirit Guidebook Coming Soon! Feb 2014

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ET Spirit Ascension Age Extraterrestrial UFO Messages in Tectonic Economics

I Believe

Extraterrestrial Incoming Messages are sent every day. Whether or not a humanoid sentient intelligent being is balanced and in tune to receive these vibrations is up to each individual.

It is time we all learn about the body-mind-spirit unit as a vehicle for our souls.

Those who study as spiritual intellectuals will be more apt to learn what is required for our own eternal soul’s progression.

Social Entrepreneurs will need to learn who their friends are as spiritual intellectuals who believe in the future of global tectonic economics for the health and prosperity of all on earth and in space.

Some of us are sharing our findings of that which we call the Age of Enlightenment as the Ascension Age which officially began on began December 21, 2012 at 11:11 on this planet.

We are they who have kept up with the ontology and metaphysical information. This is the reality of The Spiritual Intellectuals and those of the extraterrestrials which is called GLOBAL TECTONIC ECONOMICS that was left to be shared by others who came before to enlighten us up to a certain level in time where we could begin to use their life maps of the paths they chose while walking this planet.

We are all important and that means that no one being is excluded from the critical mass mind.

Theresa J Morris
Theresa J Morris

We all play a part in sharing that which was created for us all.

We are all created to resemble various parts of the humanoid lifetimes and roles that have been played out before on this planet and on others while those who are considered much older and wiser and having lived longer than we have consider the best teaching tools for us to be sharing as our learned skills.

We are all humanoids on a working class planet in space. We are all eternal as the old saying goes because we are all part of the omnipresence that is and was and has always been. This is as close to the reading information that we will get to know the source and force of all that is that has been described as the farthest beyond outside of our own point of origins that we use on this planet as our own body-mind-spirits. 

We must get on with our future lives that we can describe as that of divine creation based on the beginning whether we want to claim the basic level of last century as the Big Bang Theory or the Divine Creation Theory matter to those who are Spiritual Intellectuals but not to all any longer.

We have to get over ourselves and get on with living in the world of discovery and exploration of what we have been provided. We are all on a pleasant journey inside the eternal outsource and force of the beginning, the middle, and the end of our own life stories.

We are the way that each of us will be seen as recording that which we were sent here to record and make better while here in this place, in this space, on this planet we call earth. We are all here on earth to perform a task of memory codes, and to become more than when we left our past lives with the use of our own essence as energy we call that of the original soul as the recalled source and force in all of us that for now we call life eternal.

Life eternal is that which goes on forever in one form or another as the energy of the essence that we all are cradled in as the part of the omnipotent omnivorous omnipresence. We all take into the mind that which is the all is it plant, animal, or mineral matters not for we are now aware of the all in the everything.

Therefore, we will now enter a realm of time on this planet when we shall discover how to process the request for knowing the Theory of Everything.

We at the basic carbon level of existence still realize we came into this being as humanoids as sentient intelligent beings whether we have been other than humanoid at this point in time matters not. We must now share with those of us who made it this far that we are now here on this planet as humanoids and not as plants, animals, or minerals. We are here now to share our lives in companionship and to make in the Omniverse more than it is now.

Now, that we have begun the process in this twenty-first century on earth to explain that there are more than our young species on this planet with those who command the various sizes of ships in space we call UFOS and under the oceans and seas we call USOS we shall now begin to share in the awakened awareness that all exist for a purpose and a reason to expand our own conscious awareness of our species so that we can recognize how to grow into the next level and phase of our existence. We are now to share in the journey of life as we know it to exist while we learn to grown into that which is in space. We are to learn to recognize the vast journey that we are given to travel into the outer levels of our space given journeys and learn to leave this part of our lives on this planet. It is time to journey into space and travels our galaxy among the galactic federation of galaxies. We shall then learn to travel outside the galactic levels into the far reaching nebulas and out toward the walls of the universe.

The universe will then be explored as we explain that which in the past for those who came before may have forgotten and that was that those from the heavens came and will come again.

We will share the future with other humanoids in space that will teach us to travel out beyond which we in the past explored with ancient ancestors.

We will now learn to leave this planet and learn to travel out towards the various levels that exist in this universe, in other levels and dimensions in the Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. Alphaverse. and Omegaverse.

This is now our quest to learn to accept space travel as part of our own spiritual journeys that are being shared while we are here in the body-mind-spirit forms to share in the birth-life-death experiences which we use to accomplish that which we need to have in order to maintain our survival in the entire macrocosm we call the Omniverse.

We will then learn what it is like to experience the afterlife as our ancestors have and defy that which we once only thought was myths and legends on this planet. Love and Light. TJ Tectonic Economics will have Seven Major Upper Echelons for the Directors of the Chief Agents who will share in the Global Summit of Tectonic Economics with the entire list of plates including the Secondary and Tertiary plates for future reference and administration for Global Trade and Commerce. China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States


Great powers (with Security Council vetoes): China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States. Great powers without Security Council vetoes: Germany and Japan. (2) Germany and Japan

EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATORS (8) – The Second Eight in Command are the Administrators who answer directly to the Seven Major Directors as the Joint Chiefs in Command of the Global Trade and Commerce.


This is a list of tectonic plates on Earth. Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere.

The plates are around 100 km (60 miles) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima from silicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminum).

The composition of the two types of crust differs markedly, with basaltic rocks (“mafic”) dominating oceanic crust, while continental crust consists principally of lower density granitic rocks (“felsic”).

Primary plates

These seven plates comprise the bulk of the seven continents and the Pacific Ocean.

African Plate

Antarctic Plate

Eurasian Plate

Indo-Australian Plate

North American Plate

Pacific Plate

South American Plate

Secondary plates

These smaller plates are generally shown on major plate maps, but with the exception of the Arabian

and Indian plates do not comprise significant land area.

Arabian Plate

Caribbean Plate

Cocos Plate

Indian Plate

Juan de Fuca Plate

Nazca Plate

Philippine Sea Plate

Scotia Plate

Tertiary plate’s Tertiary plates are grouped with the major plate that they would otherwise be shown as part of on a major plate map. Mostly these are tiny micro plates.

An exception is in the case of the Nubian-Somalian and Australian-Capricorn-Indian plates these are major plates that are drifting apart.

Some models identify more minor plates within current orogens like the Apulian, Explorer, Gorda, and Philippine Mobile Belt plates. The remainder of the tertiary plates is the dwindling remains of much larger ancient plates.

There may or may not be scientific consensus as to whether a tertiary plate is a separate plate yet, is still a separate plate, or should be considered a separate plate, thus new research could change this list below:

African Plate

Madagascar Plate

Nubian Plate

Seychelles Plate

Somali Plate

Antarctic Plate

Kerguelen microcontinent

Shetland Plate

South Sandwich Plate

Caribbean Plate

Panama Plate

Gonâve Microplate

Cocos Plate

Rivera Plate

Eurasian Plate

Adriatic or Apulian Plate

Aegean Sea Plate (or Hellenic Plate)

Amurian Plate

Anatolian Plate

Banda Sea Plate

Burma Plate

Iberian Plate

Iranian Plate

Molucca Sea Plate

Halmahera Plate

Sangihe Plate

Okinawa Plate

Pelso Plate

Sunda Plate

Timor Plate

Tisza Plate

Yangtze Plate

Indo-Australian Plate

Australian Plate

Capricorn Plate

Futuna Plate

Indian Plate

Kermadec Plate

Maoke Plate

Niuafo’ou Plate

Sri Lanka Plate

Tonga Plate

Woodlark Plate

Juan de Fuca Plate

Explorer Plate

Gorda Plate

North American Plate

Greenland Plate

Okhotsk Plate

Pacific Plate

Balmoral Reef Plate

Bird’s Head Plate

Caroline Plate

Conway Reef Plate

Easter Plate

Galapagos Plate

Juan Fernandez Plate

Kula Plate

Manus Plate

New Hebrides Plate

North Bismarck Plate

North Galapagos MicroPlate

Solomon Sea Plate

South Bismarck Plate

Philippine Sea Plate

Mariana Plate

Philippine Microplate

South American Plate

Altiplano Plate

Falklands Microplate

North Andes Plate


In the history of Earth many tectonic plates have come into existence and have over the intervening years either accreted onto other plates to form larger plates, rifted into smaller plates, or have been crushed by or subducted under other plates (or have done all three).

Ancient supercontinents

A supercontinent is a landmass consisting of multiple continental cores. The following list includes the supercontinents known or speculated to have existed in the Earth’s past:














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MJ 12 and Aviary Group Information Old History – Harry Rositzke The Falcon

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English: The Majestic 12 document Number 1
English: The Majestic 12 document Number 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Majestic 12 document Number 2
English: The Majestic 12 document Number 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Majestic 12 document Number 1
English: The Majestic 12 document Number 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Picture of Gen. Roger Ramey's Memo
English: Picture of Gen. Roger Ramey’s Memo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Français : Localisation du crash de Roswell su...
Français : Localisation du crash de Roswell sur une portion de la carte du nouveau mexique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Flying saucer memorandum.
English: Flying saucer memorandum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Purported Harry Truman letter authori...
English: Purported Harry Truman letter authorizing “Majestic 12″ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...
Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, New Jersey Edited version of Image:PurportedUFO NewJersey 1952 07 31.gif. By Bach01. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Richard Helms of CIA called on Harry Rositzke for the Network of CIA ASSETS such as Bill Moore to work on Soviet Spies. Didn’t care about UFO Community Thought.

BILL MOORE RECRUITED on Grant CAMERON on Presidential UFO Info.

See Grant Cameron’s talk on spy operation and government cover up on UFO Subject.

Richard Sarradet: The Falcon, The UFO, and Harry Rositzke

Posted on July 16, 2012 by Greg

After my recent announcement of the possible identity of the famous “Falcon” of MJ-12 and “Aviary” lore, a few commenters, researchers, and websites began speculating on the legitimacy of OSS and CIA veteran Harry August Rositzke as that formerly mysterious figure. Attitudes ranged from the stupidly skeptical to the stupidly outlandish, with a few thoughtful theories thrown into the mix. I will leave the listeners to figure out which is which.


My longtime friend Richard Sarradet (who also co-hosts Don Ecker’s Dark Matters Radio on Friday nights) joined me in a discussion of some of the issues surrounding this announcement and to talk about how it fits into the history of the Government/ UFO equation. We also veered into further history of our interactions with a man who claimed to represent a faction of U.S. Naval Intelligence.

As always with Richard, we delved into some areas which I have long kept to myself. It may be time to reveal some of these memories, thoughts, and theories so that others can perhaps build upon them.

Our good friend Kenn Thomas called in with his perspective as well. Strangely enough, he was cut off for some reason, and he later informed me that his phone was inoperative for about 24 hours after the show.



There the group “Majestic -12″


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


One of the problems that haunt American ufology and he camps divide is the existence or non-existence of a formal group, mysterious and secret, called Majestic-12 or MJ-12, the only one who had access to all the secrets of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. In July 2013 and ufologist Grant Cameron published his views on the subject. It looks like the idea of ​​the existence of such a group has appeared in the early 1980s, when the investigator Bill Moore published his book The Roswell Incident great success which is considered the precursor of modern obsession with the Roswell crash.


A few days after the launch of the book, Moore was contacted by the U.S. intelligence structures that started to tell him about the group super-secret MJ-12, which had been established by President Harry Truman to manage problems this alien on Earth. Moore was charged with information so Richard Doty, Sergeant U.S. Air Force (USAF) and a second person from the CIA, who presented codenamed Falcon. Later, Moore received such information from other sources 10. It is believed that some of them were actually former CIA directors.


Moore’s involvement in MJ-12 story culminated in 1987 when Moore and two other researchers: Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman made public several documents in this regard. These documents classified “Top Secret Restricted”, claimed to be information intended Dwight Eisenhower elected president, about the group of 12 people from senior scientists and military officials have elite top-secret committee made MJ-12.


Grant Cameron says that gathered in his book “UFOs, MJ-12, and Government informants’ (UFOs, MJ-12 and government informants), a large body of evidence for the existence of such a group. He wrote there that perhaps the documents in this regard have been a leak of data, partly true and partly false, which was released by this group MJ-12 to desensitize the public about how the flying saucer problem was treated by the White House.


A fight with the windmills


Also, Cameron says he wrote that although some of the content seems authentic documents (such as the lack of any mention of the existence of a live alien recovered at Roswell), there is plenty of evidence indicating that this group yet mythical MJ -12, mentioned in documents existed. Cameron believes that the documents do not tell the whole truth to avoid violating the law, the disclosure of classified information, as well as to protect the general program on UFOs. For the existence of MJ-12 group it brings a number of evidence, as follows:


Coauthored the book, T. Scott Crain, identified a woman who in 1979 was part of a team of USAF declassification of documents in Okinawa, Japan. During its activity, into some inscriptions that even if they were not identical to MJ-12 appears to contain the same material. This woman was harassed when the first edition was released in 1991.


In 1987, just days after Moore released the MJ-12 documents, former president of the University of Pennsylvania, Eric E. Walker said: “Yes, I know the MJ-12. Know them for 40 years. But I think that trying to identify is a battle with the windmills. ” Moya Lear, wife of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet company, asked his son, John Lear, called her boyfriend, four-star General James Doolittle, to ask him if there was such a group. Doolittle confirmed the existence of the group, but said that this is all he can say. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, commander of the Apollo 14 moon mission, said that based on his sources, there MJ-12 group. General Arthur E. Exon, who was at Wright Field in 1947 when they arrived at the Roswell crash debris, said he was aware of the existence of UFO oversight committee, composed mainly of officers and staff of information, very high level. He does not even remember the name of the group.


In July 1989, Bob Oeschler recorded a conversation with Bobby Ray Inman was deputy director of the CIA. He said “that MJ-12 meant something to him and that” he was aware of the existence of a “public indoctrination” about UFOs. He admitted that prior to his retirement, he had “some experience” in the UFO, but when you talk their data were not updated.


Another confirmation of the existence of MJ-12 came from an archivist at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, which, after a lecture by Cameron in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in 2005, told him that he had worked to declassify documents having access to government documents before they are made public. A colleague of his, while declassify documents of the Joint Chiefs, he saw them wearing documents logo MJ-12.


Harold Stuart, a former member of the Truman administration, was mentioned in a 2005 book by Robert Collins, then as part of an advisory committee to MJ-12. Responding to a letter from the investigator Brian Parks, Stuart said: “I vaguely remember the MJ-12, but not so that I can make a comment … I was part of the advisory committee MJ-12 and I only vague memory of this project or group. I met most of the generals, whom you mentioned in your letter, but I’m sorry, I can bring more light on the request made. ”


Investigator Lee Graham wrote many letters and made dozens of requests, in the name of freedom of information law (FOIA) to try to validate the MJ-12 documents. On 24 May 1990, the Defense Investigative Service (DIS) has responded to one of his requests, sending them back copies of MJ-12 documents, with the bottom of each page mention “declassified”. Graham never failed to find out who did this declassification, even if the documents were authentic.


In a letter from 1987 sent by John Andrews’s good friend Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works president, Andrews said he knows of many years of MJ-12, “even though he did not officially exist.” In a discussion with Lee Graham, Andrews said he’s heard of


MJ-12 in early 1984, so almost a year before investigators Moore Shandera receives letter copies of MJ-12 documents.


Since the launch of his book Grant Cameron, in January 2013, there was two other new evidence that helps to confirm that there was a control group of MJ-12. The first came from a story told by Jesse Marcel Jr., son officer at Roswell Army Air Information Base, who first recounted the details of the UFO crash in July 1947. In “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure”, organized in May 2013, Marcel said that “a number of years ago” was called to Washington DC, for a meeting in a secure room in the Senate building, Dick D’Amato by former chief counsel and chief investigator of the Senate Appropriations Committee that research funding retroingineriei rumors of flying saucers in Area 51, without the knowledge of the Senate. But although he had a Top Secret security clearance and a subpoena power of the Senate Appropriations Committee, could not penetrate these projects, which were controlled by a team that was mistress of all black projects.


Fiction or not?


Marcel said that he and D’Amato met around a conference table, which was a novel by Whitley Strieber called “Majestic”, treating about the Roswell crash and a control group of MJ-12, established to cope with the coming of aliens to Earth. D’Amato said, “I want to say something. This (pointing to the book) is not fiction.” Marcel asked, “When are you going to tell this audience?” D’Amato said, “If it was up to me I would have done it yesterday, but not mine. I’m just here to investigate the cost of secrecy. Actually, there is a black government. They have control of the crash debris. They do not answer to anyone and are not elected. They have an unlimited amount of money to spend. They are the ones who control this domain “.


The second piece of new evidence came from a highly unlikely source – Dr. John Alexander, a former colonel in the U.S. Army. In his book “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities” (UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities), the colonel points out that although UFOs are real, they are not of interest to the U.S. government, and therefore there was no cover-up of facts by U.S. officials.


Alexander is known as the organizer of the mid-1980s, the meetings “Advanced Theoretical Physics Group”, for finding a new vision of government on the issue of UFOs. Access to these meetings has exactly the same type of classification “Top Secret – restricted” as MJ-12 documents. In a radio interview on 15 June 2013, with Nancy Du Tetra, John Alexander admitted that MJ-12 group there, but not only deals with UFOs but especially the government continued to prevent nuclear decapitation U.S…








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World Student TJ Morris ET

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To encourage others to become authors, to feel inspired to write, to channel, and to use the akashic field, web-internet-cyberspace with me and my friends in the ACO LLC KY USA..


White Sands Missile Range logo.
White Sands Missile Range logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Theresa J Thurmond Morris, TJ Morris ACO LLC USA






By: Theresa J Morris


TJ Morris ET Theresa J Thurmond Morris
TJ Morris ET
Theresa J


I am a web writer and am now sharing my more intimate details of what made me who I am the same and yet different than most people I came across in my lifetime. My girlfriend in Maui, Hawaii is Janet Kira Lessin and she has taken an interest in me and my personal life story and has asked me to share my story with her as she writes her own story. We are comparing notes along the way. I have a mission in life and that is to share my story so that others will know that how I lived was more normal than many people realized in the time frame I was growing up. It’s much more normal I am told now however, I have not had time to research other’s lives or to use the Internet and do research on particular people who have had out of body or ET Contact like me.


I am now going to take the time to share my articles in more detail. I did write for the UFO Digest in Canada for Dirk Vander Ploeg from August 2007 through August 2012. I had websites of my own but it was writing on the UFO Digest that allowed me to become more known in the Alien ET UFO Community.


I began the Social Paranormal Magazine among many others to share all that I did write online in articles. I also have the American News Magazine and the Anew News Guide to share as a web writer.


TJ Morris Entertainment Org TJ Morris ACO Agents-Consultants-Organizers
TJ Morris
Entertainment Org
TJ Morris ACO


This will be written in parts or articles as it is hard for me to sit down and talk about my own personal life. I have lived so long being told to not talk about my life that the intimate details and chronological order of what I would call an ordinary human experiencing extraordinary things.


TJ Morris ET Contactee, Author/Social Entrepreneur


Agent, Consultant, Organizer – Radio Show Host.


– Psychic – Empath-Precognitionist-Tarot Reader- Consciousness Spirit Researcher, Web Writer.


I AM TJ. I was born on planet Earth, also known as Gaia, and Sophia.


I am told in this incarnation I was born on December 26, 1951, 12:03 P.M. (Noon) in the St. Francis Hospital, in Monroe, Louisiana.  I was the first child of good parents.


My parents named me Theresa Janette Thurmond. My mother’s name was Theresa Mae Bolton and my father’s name was Nathaniel Burton Thurmond Jr. My maternal grandmother was present and her name was Sara Esther Bolton.


I will not go into my genealogy now however; it is done and kept in places in cyberspace and by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the USA.


I was told I was born in the church which was the First Baptist Church of the Southern Baptist Convention.


As a child I lived on South 3rd and South 4th Street right behind my grandmother who had bought a home at 1503 South 3rd St. Monroe, La. USA from the Air Force. The house was an officer’s home which apparently was built during the war. We had Selman Field in Monroe. I lived in a duplex for the enlisted behind her and down the street in two locations with my mother while my father was in the U.S. Army Reserves and worked at the Brown Paper Mill which was bought by Olin Mathieson Corporation. We moved to 115 Diane St., West Monroe, La., a small red brick 3 bedroom. I lived there from my 2nd grade through 9th grade in High school when we moved to Houston, Texas USA.


I was the first child and had many adults in my life when I was born because my grandmother was something of a social butterfly in business and in clubs. She had many friends and my baby book was filled with cards and was signed by many adults who came to see me at the hospital when I was born.


I was much loved and my life on earth seemed very special. I was a happy child and no harm came to me and yet I had a special playmate which would appear and my mother could not see him. His name was Cleo not Leo. Now I know that many children have playmates but this one was teaching me how to do things with my mind and to learn things but did not want to be seen by my mother. I remember one episode one day when mother came to my room and I had the door shut. She startled me and I saw my small friend disappear. To some they may call this a small ET being. Mother came to tell me we were going somewhere in the car. I wanted my friend to go and I told mother he would disappear when she came in. I remember trying to make my mother let him go with us and she talked with me about this and she played like he could go with us. I climbed into the backseat of the car and she was talking to him like he was there but she could not see him. This was my first conscious awareness that she could not see him and yet he was very real to me. I remember how I began thinking differently that day about my mother because I realized I knew things that she did not. I loved my mother but this allowed me to remember memories of other times in this lifetime when I laid in my crib and watched UFO type planes dance around among the clouds.


I felt attached and knew I was part of two places and families. I learned that there were some things in this world that I would keep to myself.


I went to my first elementary school called then Plum Street Elementary School and I lived on South Seventh Street within a few blocks so I could walk to school in the first grade.By the second grade this is when my life changes in ways that I am told to keep to myself. I grew up fast due to an Epiphany Mystical Experiences.


I was a bright child and did well in school. I had somehow become ill with infectious hepatitis. I was hospitalized when my skin turned yellow and I could no longer eat. I was in a critical state and almost died before they got a machine to clean my blood. This machine needed I was told came up from New Orleans, La. USA. This machine saved my life but somewhere in the time of many weeks of which I was so ill I had lost all motion in my body and could not move.


I went to what I called heaven and spoke with angels. In my mind, I have always had a second family and I remember the beings of light bringing me back to the room and remaining overhead in the corner of the room. No one else could see these light beings. After telling my mother and grandmother, I was told to not tell anyone else but I was so impressed with my first Near Death Experience (NDE) that I told nurses who in turn told others and people from the Catholic Church came to visit me. We had our own Baptist Preacher of course but I remember the Nuns in white and black and white habits and men Priests in brown robes making a point to speak to me. I knew that I was very mature for my age and felt as an adult in a child’s body from this day forward. I was more intelligent than most children and had to learn to be a happy child with secrets. I observed from one point of consciousness at all times while also being the child I was expected to be with family and friends. I had gained certain powers which others did not display so much such as what I would now call extra sensory perception (ESP) , empathy for others pain and knowing things before they were going to happen.


I joined 4-H, Brownies, and Girl Scouts of which mother as our Scout Leader. I had dance, baton,piano, horse riding lessons, band, and learned music taught me math, rhythm, and sang in school choir and chosen to be on television on Channel 8 and Channel 10, Little Rock, Arkansas to teach other children how to listen to music and we would separate songs in to A lyrics, Be lyrics, and sometimes C lyrics and the chorus. I had an exceptional education with various groups including the Civitan International sponsored our sixth grade graduation.


My life becomes much more complicated through time when I will my relatives to take me to White Sands, New Mexico where I will see in physical real time a spacecraft not of earth origin. My Uncle worked at White Sands Missile Range in 1959-60.


My life even though in a child’s body I felt I was an adult and had past life memories. I had already been at age 3-4-or 5 been taken up in what I call a flying saucer from South 7th Street in Monroe and left to wake up in a field. There is a home where the field was then which was simply an empty lot one house over from our own. Back then it was in April or May and my mother was expecting or had just had my sister Brenda and I was missing so mother called my grandmother who called my Aunt and Uncle to come and find me. These three people are the ones who took me to White Sands, New Mexico…


The life I have has many episodes or high points and I am not sure how to piece them together since they are almost unbelievable. I have put off telling this story for so long.


As an adult I have more UFO ET Contact over an entire lifetime and to me this is just part of being who I am. How this changes the way many of us view life I believe is part of why I am here and how so many of us who have had similar experiences are supposed to now share our stories with others since we now have the Internet.


Just like the computers we have we can now understand how life exists here and on other planets. I believe that our body-mind-spirits are just like a computer while we are here. We can use them and yet when we leave earth we can still be in contact with the information that is streaming in particles and waves outside of us we now call the Internet in cyberspace. I believe it is time we all start working together not only to share the space above our planet in the universe but the space which is called the critical mass mind where all energy essence and memories are stored. I believe our spirit is like the software we use and are constantly writing and rewriting while here in this incarnation. However, when we die our stored information is in our memories and our spirit which as an astral body of us and we can speak to those we call angels and ET out of body as I have done when having other NDEs.


I have learned also the difference in astral travel and will now do what I can with my own TJ Morris ET Radio to assist others to learn the difference between NDES, OBES, and Astral Travel while we sleep or have a hallucination due to herbs or change using chemicals. I understand that we are aware of how some of the brain works now but many studies apparently being done may not yet understand the different types of NDES, OBES, Astral Travel (AT), Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, and actual physical ET Contact. Everyone has a soul purpose and mission on earth and suicide prevention will benefit from our stories shared with our Ascension Center Organization.


I will be sharing more of my life’s adventures in my stories. Some have wanted me to make documentaries and to write a treatment for a movie script. We will see what the future hold since it is now more common than in the past prior to 12-21-12. This is what is called the Ascension Age for awakening awareness, knowing cosmology, sharing our avatar ascension guide, and social networking with those around the world about how life is much more than we have bee allowed to know in prior education and religions. I now know this has to do with lack of evidence of ET UFO disclosure.


I have a long story to tell and I am just trying to get down the highlights for Janet which she calls talking points for a show we shall begin for the Ascension Center Organization. I will also share this on my own websites for those interested and in my magazines online.




Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris ET Channels


This will become your letter of authorization that will become known on earth. We shall send telepathic messages to you in the future for now your spirit cannot retain all that we desire to share.


Go now and make your calling and election made sure as our chosen Messenger as the Female chosen of the Alpha Males and the Omega Females. We have shared your ancestors for eons and know that your soul has been blessed with the agreement of all that is for the greater good of the humanoid kind.


Go now and share in the way of the “Keeper of the Flame” that which will become the Book of Theresa which was inspired by God and God Mother and teach the Ascension.


AULC as Ascension Universal Life Church for the future.


The Akashic Question will indeed work with ACE Metaphysical Ministers which TJ has accepted as Agents, Consultants, and Organizers and COPS who are Community Online Practicing Skills.


We are those working with the TJ MORRIS ACO Social Service Club


We are taking responsibility for Leadership


Map of the White Sands Missile Range.
Map of the White Sands Missile Range. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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