Published on Nov 9, 2016
Theresa was Taken on many occasions by extra-terrestrials. Her story has been told as : “Taken”the age of 4 and left in a field down from her home in 1955. She was continually visited by these “ET” people who look like us and also went to White Sands, New Mexico where she was taken aboard a ship. Her space family looks like humans. Her experiences with aliens include Humanoids of white, pink, and pale blue along with the short greys. Her life is about “Ascension Age” and comparing her story with others. She began a spiritual quest to find others who had similar stories. TJ – Her life leads to several types of experiences with extra-terrestrials. Theresa is a Writer and Speaker and shares her Club as ACO. If interested contact Earth Human Behavior is her specialty and interest into the paranormal phenomenology and eschatology. TJ is founder of Ascension Age, and ACO Cosmos Starcrossed Alien Contact Support Group
Author of her life experiences with ET.

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